Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summertime Fun

The Sunshine Tattoo by Yu-Chiao Wang.

Bovey Lee

"Bovey Lee takes the ancient process of the paper cutout to a new level of delicate fragility and visual impact. Employing a micro/macro approach, she blends the high and low of contemporary culture into a wonderfully subversive mix.” - John McNamara, Senior Lecturer of Art Practice,
University of California at Berkeley

To see more of her work go to

Elke Munkert

These jewelry piecesare from German artist Elke Munkert. To see more of her work go to

Mark Rothko

One of my favorite painters has always been Mark Rothko. He is best known for his abstract paintings in which soft-edged rectangles of color seem to float weightlessly against undefined backgrounds. A major figure in the abstract expressionism movement, Rothko used color to convey a range of emotions and what the artist described as a "religious experience."

Gerri Johnson-McMillin

These unsusal structures are constructed from fishbone, monofilament, and glass beads. They are made by California artist Gerri Johnson-McMillin. To see more of her work go to her website at

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jack Slentz

"My work has the appearance of being rather raw and primitive, its beauty comes from the purity and simplicity of form that is emphasized by showing the mark of the tool. The ideas for my artwork come from every day objects, things that we notice and take for granted. Some of the everyday forms I use, as points of departure, are manhole covers, storm grates, and seedpods. Other images I draw inspiration from are spears, shields, masks, and primitive tools. Their forms and surfaces have a repetition that creates a sense of rhythm and movement. These repetitive forms, patterns, and textures move me in a very contemplative, and spiritual way. I draw influence from these objects, and my work is an abstraction of them allowing the viewer to use their imagination and respond from a gut level." - Jack Slentz

To see more of his work go to

Another alphabet

Erica Stankwytch Bailey

"My work involves a variety of technical applications that allow me to create conceptual and aesthetic works. I inspect the world in great detail and have always collected shells, seed pods, stones and interesting organic elements. My studio often resembles a laboratory with trays of collected specimens lined in rows. Whether by fear and fascination, disgust or admiration I am constantly moved by life. From the miniscule piece of reef collected on the shore to the enormous sadness evoked by the many inequalities that exist I am constantly inspired. Lamination, chasing, metal weaving, fabrication, enameling, forging, raising, forming and cast metal parts are often combined in my work in an effort to create pieces that are tactile and invoke in the wearer a sense of personal attachment. Using these techniques allows me to take small pieces of history/time and translate them into visual moments for the viewer and myself." - Erica Stankwytch Bailey
To see more of her work go to her website at

Lynne Parks

These assemblages in old type trays were created by Baltimore artist Lynne Parks. To see more of her work go to

Stanislav Petera

I love the ethereal quality of these photographs by Stanislav Petera. You can see more of his commercial and personal work at his website

Friday, May 29, 2009

Christopher Hentz

These gold jewelry pieces are by Louisiana artist Christopher Hentz. To see more of his work go to

Afro Celotto

These magnicient glass pieces are by Burano-born Itailian artist, Afro Celotto. To see more of his work go to

Debra Yates

"The strength of Debra Yates' work is in the compositional balance achieved through a strong sense of the weight of color, texture and shape. Her bright collages combine bold patterns, contrasting textures, strong line and vibrant color. These paintings are the result of a powerful personality making a bold statement." - DY

To see more of her work go to her website at

Kimberly Manne

This unique stainless steel flower container is designed by Kimberly Manne and hand-crafted in Brooklyn. To purchase one of the styles go to Warp Design at

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Susanne Matsché

These unusual and intriguing leather jewelry pieces are by Berlin artist Susanne Matsché . To see more of her work go to

Beth Pearson

These eclectic and narrative pieces are created by artist Beth Pearson using oil and mixed media on wood panels. Pearson who is from Vermont not only has a talent for painting, but she is also a writer. To see more of her work go to the Lazy Pear Gallery at

Jacqueline Hurlbert

These colorful ceramic pieces are by Oregon artist Jacqueline Hurlbert. To see more of her work go to