Friday, December 11, 2009

See you in a few weeks...

Yulia Pletinka

These still life images are by Ukrainian artist Yulia Pletinka. To see more of her work go to her page.

Dennis Nahabetian

"The underlying structure of my work is derived from personal interpretations of architecture, music, craft history, and the visual order of nature.18th century Chinese basketry, the human form, and math form the aesthetics I employ in my work. My work is a harmonious balance of opposites. Often described as simple and complex, powerful and delicate, geometric and organic, moving and contemplative, it is anything but conventional." - Dennis Nahabetian

To see more of his inticately woven metalwork, go to his CraftHaus page.

Linda Welch

"My drawings are a visual recording of the processing through life. Reflected, are periods of time from one hour to months or even years. It is about finding balance between the unpredictable nature of emotions and the need to present a cool front. Chaotic energy slams up against control and structure. The push and pull. There is pleasure found in sorting through the variations of responses, reactions and attitudes within any given day.

Raw emotion surfaces through scratchy lines, cuts in the paper and the texture and strength of the marks. Interjected are places of quiet and solitude, resting places for the mind to wonder and reflect. There is a beauty in finding the balance." - Linda Welch

To see more of her work go to Exploding Head Gallery.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here are a few worthy causes: - provides pajamas to children in shelters - provides seeds for vegetable gardens to feed families - provides life-saving medication to children - turns gift cards you won't use into donations to your favorite charity - provides vaccinations against life-threatening illnesses - provides help with bills (electricity etc.) to families in need - provides winter coats to refugee children in the U.S. - provides food and necessities for children in developing nations - helps women recover after debilitating childbirth - provides food to hungry families in the U.S. - provides health care to survivors of sexual trauma

Gill Galloway-Whitehead

"Using a method of working with fine wire, gold and silver, artist Gill Galloway-Whitehead specialises in jewellery, particularly brooches that have a delicate, fragile appearance that belies a strength and resilience." Williamson Brown Gallery

To see more of her work go to Dazzle.

Kiyoshi Saito

These beautiful woodblock prints are by Japanese artist Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1997). To see more work go to the Verne Collection.

Karen LaMonte

“We have two skins that outline and define who we are. One is our natural skin, our body, but we obscure and conceal it beneath clothing, which is a second skin, our social skin. Clothing is used to both protect the individual and project a persona. It is a ‘vestmentary envelope,’ which renders us as social beings. Clothing draws the body so that it can be culturally seen, and articulates it in a socially meaningful form. It is a powerful non-spoken language. It is armor and costume, plumage and camouflage. Clothing separates public from private space. I am exploring this non-spoken language, looking at how it can be used either to inform, or mislead and beguile the viewer, and oneself. I use transparency to investigate the relationship between clothing and being and between presence and absence. It is an invitation to explore what lies beneath the surface.” - Karen LaMonte

To see more of her exceptional glass work go to her website.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Carolyn Genders

These earthenware handbuilt sculptural forms and vessels are by British artist Carolyn Genders. To see more of her beautiful work go to her website.

Charles Cohan

These intaglio prints are by Hawiian artist Charles Cohan. To see more of his work go to his website.

Mikel Robinson

These assemblage pieces are by artist Mikel Robinson. To see more of his work go to his website.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vincent Bousserez

These images are from the Plastic Life series by artist Vincent Bousserez. To see more of his work go to his Flickr stream.

Mia Pearlman

These extraordinary cut paper sculptures are by artist Mia Pearlman. To see more of her work including a "photo essay" of her process, go to her website.

Flora Vagi

These unique jewelry pieces constructed from wood are by Hungarian-born artist Flora Vagi. To see more of her work go to Charon Kransen Arts.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Rachel Davis

These enchanting watercolors from the Mustard Seed Garden series are by Portland artist Rachel Davis. To see more of her work go to the Chambers Gallery.

Gehard Demetz

These amazing wood sculptures are created by artist Gehard Demetz. To see more of his work go to his website.

Raquel Mazzina

"Raquel Mazzina’s work is an exploration of the artist’s emotive response to landscape. Topographical appearances are left behind, concentrating on the light, atmosphere and spirit of place. This intuitive and emotive approach results in a sensuous and luscious painterly surface. Her masterful use of colour conveys the seasonal changes from Autumn to Spring." - ArtHouse Gallery.
To see more of her work go to ArtHouse Gallery.