Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jessica Davies

"My work incorporates the traditional silversmithing techniques of holloware; raising, planishing, fabrication and soldering. Although my work is aligned with that of art jewelry and small sculpture, all of my pieces are wearable,thus functional, as jewelry.
By using materials such as rubber, nylon, fiber and plastic, combined withsterling silver, copper and steel, my intent is to create a tactile andinteresting juxtaposition of old and new. Due to the nature of applyingthese traditional techniques, I hope to also pay tribute to thosecraftspeople who had the passion to hold a hammer to silver, copperand steel, well before my time. " - Jessica Davies

To see more of her thought-provoking work go to her website.

Michael Cutlip

These mixed media pieces are by California artist Michael Cutlip. He uses lines, markings, brush strokes, spray paint blots, and graphite smudges to create abstract "landscapes." To see more more his work go to his website.

Jeremy Newman

"My work is influenced by the random patterns that lace together the natural world and our inherent connection as humans to that natural world. I look to capture the elemental processes that create our planet and environment, and in turn shape our reality. It is the cycles within nature that influence my work the most. These cycles are part of our lives in many forms including growth, death and rebirth, building up and weathering down, the seasons, and migrations. They mark the passage of time and we are constantly exploring how we as humans exist and respond to them.I intend for my work to have a meditative and healing presence. I hope that it helps reconnect people with the rhythms of the natural world and reminds them of their place within that world." - Jeremy Newman

To see more of his work go to his website.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Randall Reid

These textural mixed media pieces are constructed by Texas artist Randall Reid. To see more of his work, go to his website.

John Geldersma

"John Geldersma works primarily in wood and has produced a wide array of pieces in archetypal forms, from his hanging “Shamans” to mandala-like totemic sculpture termed “Spirit Poles.” He is perhaps best known for these latter, inspired by primitive fetishes, various trans-historic ritualistic geometric designs and the vibrant cultural milieu of his native southwestern Louisiana. The artist has cited his early immersion in the intersection of such divergent cultures as French, Spanish, African-American, Caribbean, Anglo-Saxon and Native American as a major influence on his art. " - website

To see more of his work go to his website.

Phil Borges

"My photographic projects are devoted to the welfare of indigenous and tribal people. My intention is to help bring attention to the value these cultures represent and the challenges they face." - Phil Borges

I have loved his work for for years and have bought all of his books. His stunning portraits of indigenous peoples are both haunting and engaging.
To see more of his Tibetan work along with other series go to his website.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Devorah Sperber

"My current body of work consists of sculptures assembled from thousands of ordinary objects -spools of thread, marker-pen caps, map tacks, or chenille stems, combined with optical devices such as clear acrylic viewing spheres, convex mirrors, or reversed binoculars. While many contemporary artists utilize digital technology to create high-tech works, I strive to "dumb-down" technology by utilizing mundane materials and low-tech, labor-intensive assembly processes. I place equal emphasis on the whole recognizable image and how the individual parts function as abstract elements, selecting materials based on aesthetic and functional characteristics as well as for their capacity for a compelling and often contrasting relationship with the subject matter. " - Devorah Sperber

I love her work with spools of thread. To see more of her all of her engaging work go to her website.

Jamie Bennett

A master jewelry and enamelist, Jamie Bennett, composes his very detailed jewelry using paint, pencil, and enamel. To see more of his unqiue work go to his Klimt page.

Geoff Mitchell

"Los Angeles based artist Geoff Mitchell utilizes a wide variety of artistic media and techniques – painting, printmaking, photo-transfer, collage, film and video installation – to create images which transcend the meaning of their individual components, and describe and define a larger experience.

Mitchell works exclusively on wood panel, a format which allows him to compose exquisitely smooth and luminous surfaces. Each composition is meticulously and carefully crafted in order to ignite the viewer's imagination, while bearing witness to Mitchell's mastery of his artistic techniques." - Bill Lowe Gallery

To see more of his work go to his website.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mel Robson

These unique porcelain pieces are made by Austrailian ceramist Mel Robson. To see more of his work and the history behind it go to his blog.

Paul Cary Goldberg

"The photographs of Paul Cary Goldberg are the epitome of still life photography at its purest. Each object seems to have been deftly chosen by the artist to exist within a distinctly serene and undisturbed plane of space and his careful eye demarcates an area in which each object will rest elegantly in photographic perpetuity. As the artist gathers objects that make up the composition set forth by his mind's eye, he achieves a sense of unequivocal equilibrium: the ideal amount of visual interest without being overly inclusive of his beloved objects." - The Pucker Gallery

To see more of his work go to The Harrison Gallery.

Gianfranco Angelino

These magnificent turned wood pieces are by master Italian craftsman Gianfranco Angelino. He is well-known for his use of uncommon woods in his work. To see more of his work go to del Mano Gallery.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


These whimsical illustrations are by Russian artist and graphic designer whoe goes by the name Tineidae. I don't know where to find more of her work since her Deviant Art gallery page is empty right now.

Barbara Blewman

"The simple disc forms Barbara Blewman uses relate to the indigenous adornments of Africa and the Pacific, where jewellery is worn for ceremonial, ritual and spiritual purposes, as opposed to everyday decoration. Her processes include scribing, sawing, soldering, casting, filing, polishing, etching, enamelling, riveting and surface patination using gold, gold leaf, silver and copper." - Object
To see more of her work go to Quoil.

Lisa Mackie

"My work is a compilation of picture fragments that I have photographed, drawn, written about and remembered. The images deal with a delicate balance between cognition and process. The source of each large 'circle' of work has been initiated as an investigation of a photographic sequence. Initially, "the sequence" is explored in the form of several related unique books that are both visual and written. Paintings, paper, pieces, text, computer generated images, and sculptures develop from the process of tracing and editing all the materials. Through my own explanation I again uncover more visuals and text. I have found that by tracking the evolution of each image, and by further scrutinizing and honing there is a type of "infinity" that results." - Lisa Mackie

To see more of her series work go to her website.