Thursday, December 10, 2009

Karen LaMonte

“We have two skins that outline and define who we are. One is our natural skin, our body, but we obscure and conceal it beneath clothing, which is a second skin, our social skin. Clothing is used to both protect the individual and project a persona. It is a ‘vestmentary envelope,’ which renders us as social beings. Clothing draws the body so that it can be culturally seen, and articulates it in a socially meaningful form. It is a powerful non-spoken language. It is armor and costume, plumage and camouflage. Clothing separates public from private space. I am exploring this non-spoken language, looking at how it can be used either to inform, or mislead and beguile the viewer, and oneself. I use transparency to investigate the relationship between clothing and being and between presence and absence. It is an invitation to explore what lies beneath the surface.” - Karen LaMonte

To see more of her exceptional glass work go to her website.

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