Monday, October 31, 2011

Carol Prusa

These incredibly intricate graphite drawings on acrylic spheres are by Florida artist Carol Prusa.  To see more of her work go to her website.


  1. What an amazing technique she has. I was wondering . . about posting other's art on your blog (as I would also like to do that) . . do you ask permission from the artist before posting?

  2. p.s. I had a problem on Tumblr from an artist for posting from her website without permission . . so I only post on Tumblr from galeries!

  3. I use images from galleries or do a Google search and use items that have been posted before. I received this advice when I started and I have not had any problems yet. I want to be very respectful of the artists and if there is an issue, I will do whatever necessary to recify it.